lookWe create bespoke Naked Layer cakes.

Layer upon layer of brownie or blondie with fresh whipped cream.

The flavours are up to you, our most popular combination is the Classic brownie with vanilla cream served with a salt caramel sauce, but that is by no means a limitation, there are so many possible flavour combinations and if you are going for one of our tiered cakes you could have a different flavour for each tier. (have a look at the many flavour options to get you inspired)

Why choose Anna’s Bakes?

We are different from other cakes out there, these are truly decadent and most definitely desserty, so not only do you have a ‘wow’ cake that al your guests will admire but you can use it as dessert at your event. This makes Anna’s Bakes such a cost effective option, as well as a smart option, because this way you wont end up with any left overs.

We use only the finest and freshest ingredients….
The freshest free range eggs, butter and cream combined with the is the finest Belgian chocolate variety.

Freshly baked to order our Brownies are NEVER frozen so that they really are truly scrumptious.

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